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What you’ll need

Navigate to the Page Overview Click Mailchimp Click Connect with MailChimp. Log In to MailChimp Select the Mailchimp List Select a followup for new leads

That's it, you're all set! Once your account is integrated, you are ready to start capturing the email of leads on your Unbounce page.

All leads sent from Unbounce to Mailchimp will contain some basic information:

Unbounce Page ID Unbounce Page Variant Unbounce Submission Date

You can send any information you collect on your landing page to MailChimp using AUCKLAND RACER OX SUEDE FOOTWEAR Lowtops amp; sneakers Converse M3Dfcqj1Ua
. Passing all that data means you can segment your list in MailChimp however you choose!

Now that everything is setup we highly encourage you to test it out and make sure everything is working as you expect it. Publish your page, submit a form, and check that the new lead shows up in Mailchimp (can take up to a couple minutes). Once you’ve tested everything out you can click Reset Stats so that your conversion rate isn’t affected by the tests.

Reset Stats

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Getting Started with Merge Tags in MailChimp

Using groups in MailChimp is a great way to segment within the same MailChimp list.

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, the integration will detect any groups from your chosen list.

Select the group(s) Select if you'd like to overwrite existing groups Click Complete

When new leads are added to your MailChimp list from Unbounce you can either use a single or double opt-in process:

Using MailChimp Automation Workflows you can create an email (or series of emails) that sends when a leadis passed from Unbounce into MailChimp.

There are plenty of reasons why you would want to use aworkflow:

For example: After downloading two of your ebooks, Fred now belongs to two groups in the “I Love Chimps Newsletter” list. Oneweek later, he receives an email with a 25% discount on your ecourse.

When setting up your Automation, please make sure that the "Trigger when subscribers are imported" option is enabled:

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Pebble C API

Abstract framework to create arbitrary animations.

The Animation framework provides your Pebble app with an base layer to create arbitrary animations. The simplest way to work with animations is to use the layer frame Mens Tilted Tor Jeans Nudie Jeans rUOTyZ
, which enables you to move a Layer around on the screen. Using animation_set_implementation() , you can implement a custom animation.

Refer to the User Interface Layers chapter in the Pebble Developer Guides (chapter "Animation") for a conceptual overview of the animation framework and on how to write custom animations.

Allice Leopard Print Pointed Court Shoes Multi Dune London sZBOy

A ProperyAnimation animates the value of a "property" of a "subject" over time.

Animation * animation_create ( void )

Creates a new Animation on the heap and initalizes it with the default values.

Duration: 250ms,

Curve: (ease-in-out),

Delay: 0ms,

Handlers: (none),

Context: (none),

Implementation: (no implementation),

Scheduled: no

A pointer to the animation. NULL if the animation could not be created

bool animation_destroy ( Animation * animation )

Destroys an Animation previously created by animation_create.

true if successful, false on failure

Animation * animation_clone ( Animation * from )
Animation * animation_sequence_create ( Animation * animation_a , Animation * animation_b , Animation * animation_c , ... )

Create a new sequence animation from a list of 2 or more other animations. The returned animation owns the animations that were provided as arguments and no further write operations on those handles are allowed. The variable length argument list must be terminated with a NULL ptr.


the maximum number of animations that can be supplied to this method is 20

the first required component animation

the second required component animation

either the third component, or NULL if only adding 2 components

The newly created sequence animation

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